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Join 0 other players on our Multi-Gamemode Java network on 1.8 - 1.15.2!

Our Game Modes

Read a quick description of our Game Modes, dedicated pages coming very soon!

KitPvP 1.8 - 1.15.2

KitPvP is a fun way to practise your PvP skills. Make in game tokens from dueling, or drop into the pit and fight it out with everyone else.

SkyBlock 1.13 - 1.15.2

Skyblock is an amazing economy based gamemode where you start on a floating island. Use your limited resources to grow your island to be the greatest there is.

Creative 1.14.4 - 1.15.2

With HUGE 750x750 plots, and FREE plot merging (up to 4 merges free), CreamSoda Creative is one of the greatest creative servers out there. We will be updating to 1.15.2 Base Version as soon as Optifine 1.15.2 comes out!

Featured Staff

Hi, we're the three big boys behind CreamsodaMC!


Owner & Manager

¬°Hola! I am the network owner and only server manager, Nicksin! I consider myself a minecraft server owner over the past 2 years and excited about the potential of CreamSodaMc. I am full of joy and effort. I put something to task and finish all of it! I treat others how I would like to be treated. I am happy to lead and be apart of this team and can't wait for what this project holds!
P.S. I like billie eilish


Head Administrator

My name is Cyanzi, I work on the staff end of CreamsodaMC making sure everything goes smoothly for players and staff.


Lead Developer & Some Other Things

Hi! I'm Hammy. I'm a Web, Python & Java developer from New Zealand. I've been working with Nicksin on various projects for the last 3 years and am so glad to join the team on CreamSodaMC as the Network Developer! I'm also the Community Manager for all of Crystalized, so that's also cool I guess.